TWO Axel Tanker Trailer

Capacity: 32000-35000 litr
Chassis:Made of spcial steel ST52-3,QSTE380Tm with CO2 Welding
Axles: two 12-ton axles drum or disc axles equipped with lifter of the platform of front axle
Made in Germany- turkey-iran
Electrical System : Full wiring with 24 volt , with LED lamps
Brake system: Automatic brake system equipped with ABS system (anti blocking) and EBS
System (Electric anti blocking system preveting over tuning of the trailer)
Suspension System : All used parts and equipment including the air filter , blance valve, air
Valve, and automatic lifter of the platform of front axle are WABCO of Germany
Pin System: Pin and its flangs 2 size , jost or GF of Germany-turkey- iran
Stop Legs: Dynamic 24 tons and static 50 tons , double speed jost or BPW from Germany-turkey-iran
Ring& Tires :8 integrated imported rings &8 BAREZ Tubeless, tires from iran
Painting System: Painting system after primary tests (PT test , Hydrostatic test) shot blasted
And after second tests (oil), undercoated with epoxy in the priming chamber and then painted
In one layer with polyurethane and baked in the air oven
Spare tire holder: Double spare tire holder (without spare tire)
Wheel chuck: One Italian wheel chuck
Tool Box: one standard tool box
Mudguards : Six Italian Semicircle mudguards
Stepladder: iron stepladder at the back of trailer
Safety doorway: Full safety doorway on bunker triler
Bumper: One fixed ,decorated with safety labels
Water Tank: One Italian water tank
Fire- extinguisher box: one Italian chamber for fire -wxtinguisher


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