About Aftab

AFTABINT HOLDINGS LTD (Aftab), which means “sun” in Farsi, has its headquarters in Cyprus. It was founded in 2001 by Yosef Yekta in Iran. Aftab is the holding company of Internet ventures that include the largest Internet Portal for Farsi speakers which evolved out of that has been one of the major sources of independent news for Iranians during the last decade as well as a venue for business thru the portal, with its 22 different categories.

In 2010, was migrated rapidly and successfully to which today has over 900,000 registered users and more than 3,000,000 unique visitors per month. Aftab seeks strategic partners to enable the company to capitalize on its unique position in the market of around 135 million Farsi speakers.

Aftab’s first decade focus as a provider of news and information helped to establish brand recognition and a loyal customer base. It has a network of around 3,200 contributors in news & information that have given Aftab a powerful unique news network among Farsi speakers. Aftab’s emphasis now shifts to expanding various ecommerce ventures which it has tested over the years or it is developing.