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Coping with premenstrual syndrome is difficult for men because you can not feel your partner can understand Suddenly you see that Akhlaqsh be entirely changed and changing conditions and Rvhyatsh any way can not be predicted

Coping with premenstrual syndrome is difficult for men - because you can not feel your partner can understand. Suddenly you see that change is entirely Akhlaqsh change scenarios and Rvhyatsh any way can not be predicted. But do not worry, ways to help the situation there.


1. When the spouse Fhmydyd premenstrual problems is to try to find way into his brain and see what it feels like. May experience abdominal pain, headache or back pain or nausea and have. Perhaps due to iron deficiency can feel dizzy, mood swings and high Ashthaysh find. To mind that everyone looks just going to have persecuted him, but this is just his perspective. Some women only experience some of these symptoms are, they all have some experience of any signs or women during different months depending on the person's stress level can be mild or severe.

2. Remember that stress makes worse all these signs are. The effort to do so must stress bring him down is because your favor. Before you ask for help yourself before you walk. Dirty clothes inside the washing machine, cast, wash dishes, sweep the house and even if seem irrational to try to do it right all the way to do himself. Please do something so that you understand the Dstrssh were unemployed at any time to ask yourself that can help them or not.

3. Note that you must understand exactly what are signs that business is feeling better. He can be abdominal pain with a hot bath or a glass of warm milk can improve. Even ask him to give up Masazhsh CHAT be better. If you had a lot of pain pills for him bring housing. A cup of herbal tea helps her flatulence is removed

4. If you liked not only be around. Maybe want to rest or just lay on his bed gas would kill and chocolate. Listen to his word and let tell you what he needs.

5. Remember feeling so bad because there may be angry or upset and it will empty your head. If you would blame for something, do not talk with him. Not need to verify his words together, just be silent or say may be right with you. With these words quite right, he did not. Any words other than these may be used against you. Simply the bottom of his heart knows that probably was not your fault but now his hormones have overcome the emotions. Few days its back to normal after yourself Do not his words.

6. Remember, if you are not his fault he is bad. If she cries for no reason or fault he is not angry. Can not really control his hormones and these hormones when they go looking for work and he comes back to normal, be sure to wait and will sell Qdrdantan.


If the try to please him to be sure that is Nftan. To her new film, hot Chaklt make and spend with him. It should make sure that this would not Azytsh and so on. Might be like to be alone.

If the slower was when you said that before her period, you can read articles that recommend him to perhaps reduce their symptoms.

If the doubt that his prior periods or not, he did not approve the issue, the best way is to imagine there (but never tell him the things he can remember the problem). Reducing stress, he is the best accommodation.


If the fights the way he tried Byndazd, Ramshtan Keep. You do not fight with him and if you really can not bear to go out of the room. In these circumstances any litigious times worse than normal would be the logical place in normal circumstances that is more about the subject with him to talk.

· Not insist too much. If she will not house or herbal tea Do not do the tail. All women do not like these things. Many women in this period, the only thing that is like eat chocolate. Of course you give your solutions but do not insist if asked.

If the notice is not doing well do not ask too much before her period or not. The female characters because it hurts to think your question may be due to sex. Women just like men perfectly natural reasons to be upset, always remember is their period.

Things may need to have:

· Wait

· Heart the desire to help

· Pills Housing

· Warm bag

· Massage oil

· Large amounts of chocolate


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